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Momentous Sports Medicine
Sports Medicine in Bethesda, MD
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Sports Medicine in Bethesda, MD

Momentous Sports Medicine is your premier location for sports medicine in Bethesda, MD. We treat each of our patients with The Momentous Dynamic, our custom assessment approach to get your body on the road to excellence. Our experienced team of physical therapists developed this methodology through years of successful outcomes with collegiate, professional, and Olympic athletes. Today, we leverage The Momentous Dynamic to give all of our patients the treatment and performance edge they need. At Momentous Sports Medicine, we provide world-class physical therapy and sports performance services and customized treatment plans. We will help you recover from injury and achieve peak performance. We will help you live momentous.

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Momentous Sports Medicine takes your health and time seriously. With us, you will always receive expert one-on-one care from our physical therapists, not an aide or technician. This unique approach allows us to provide the best possible physical therapy and sports performance care and get you to your peak performance level fast. To provide this superior service, we do not participate with any insurance provider plans and instead offer a fee-for-service arrangement. We accept HSA and FSA, and we will provide you with all necessary information to submit to your insurance company to claim your out-of-network benefits. Initial evaluations at Momentous Sports Medicine are $250.

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Momentous Sports Medicine is here to help you rehab from an injury, enhance your sports endurance training, and provide world-class physical therapy. Let our experts develop your custom treatment or rehabilitation plan so you can do what you love with excellence. Start your journey to peak performance and schedule your initial evaluation today.